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“In the world of luxury real estate, Pushkara Resort and Spa uniquely stands by the proposition that a luxury lifestyle and amazing value are not contradictory. One way we accomplish this is by designing, building, operating and maintaining everything ourselves. While our competition seems to believe that offering value detracts from their luxury message, we’ve decided to market to a more exclusive audience – those people who are confident enough not to need a high price to validate luxury.”


All the living arrangements at Pushkara have been designed keeping in mind luxurious integrated wellness.

Evoke and other rooms bedrooms have been furnished with King Sized beds and comfortable day-loungers. Huge floor-to-ceiling view windows bathe the room in natural light, while providing a view of the private sit-out garden area (or balcony in the first floor rooms). When need be, the blackout curtains enable guests to transform the room from day to night for precious shut-eye. The Pushkara-suite bathrooms are indulgent with a glass windowed bathtub overlooking breath-taking scenery, a shower cubicle and a wardrobe. All the rooms further extend into spacious private balconies or sit-out garden, which open to the exhilarating landscape of Pushkara.

Each of these amenity-rich guest rooms have been designed for supreme guest comfort and luxury, equipped with TV, VRV, Air-conditioning with hot and cold air control provision, telephone, refrigerator, electric kettle, wardrobe safe, hair dryer, bathrobes and exquisite aromatherapy bath products.

Pushkara offers guests a variety of accommodations.

      Wellness Destination

Pushkara is an integrated luxury wellness destination spa. Striking a balance and creating a harmony with nature comes easy at this pristine destination. Our wellness world spans nutrition, spa therapies and functional fitness programs to nurture your body while meditation and yoga schedule engage your souland the holistic living amidst nature de-stress your mind.

Pushkara refreshes and rejuvenates mind, body and soul and leaves you feeling new, with renewed vigour and purpose.

Come,experience wellness the Pushkara way!

indian city

Village Nedaliya Near Sudha Bai,

Budha Pushkar, Bypass Road,

Pushkar, Rajasthan, India 305022

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